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Meet Member,
Margaret Wallace

​I was born in England, way back in the dark ages before television, I learned to knit in kindergarten, and my grandmother taught me to hem table linens when I was six, she also taught me to darn damask and since my stitches couldn’t show I also learned to rip out at an early age. My mother taught me to do embroidery by hand. While I still ripped out I enjoyed it more.

My first experience at garment sewing came in "Domestic Science' around 12 years old. We made a pair of cotton (not knit) knickers, panties as we call them here, complete with a pocket for a handkerchief. (our school uniform had no pockets). We also made a summer dress to wear to school. After leaving school I worked at a bank in London until I married and came to the States.

I held various part time jobs here, and worked as a volunteer in the school library. During those years I sewed for myself and
my children, I also taught myself to make drapes and other things for my home. I took up quilting when I no longer fitted a standard pattern, and found the sewing guild when it was meeting at the Urbana Library. I don't remember what year it was but Jean Montgomery and Sherrill Tittle were co-leaders, I attended a few meetings here and there as time and available child care permitted.

By this time I was working full time but I kept up my membership and attended the " sew specials" and the June luncheons as often as I could. When the Champaign group temporarily closed down, Sherrill Title and I helped restart it. In the hiatus the Garment group got started in Peoria which I really enjoy attending.

The Champaign group is smaller than it once was, but is going great and we are learning from each other.