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Happy Spring Everyone!

Our first community sewing day was Friday, April 20 at the North Branch Library in Peoria. A big thank you to the approximately 12 guild members, who worked on Anti-Ouch Pouches for breast cancer patients.

​​Greetings, Fellow Sewists! Just a very few months ago our chapter president, Cyndy Monier, approached me with a great idea. Martha Gamble, who was serving as your Neighborhood Group Coordinator had suggested that our skill sets and enthusiasms might be a better match if we “switched” jobs.
​​​​With the help of the ladies who sewed their hearts out that day and Patty Schmidt (who brought 106 pouches she had made at home), we were able to donate 100 pouches that day. 

The Anti-Ouch Pouch is a pillow that hangs from the shoulder, fitting snuggly under the arm to cushion the area after breast surgery or during radiation treatment. The wedge shape gently holds the arm away from the body when the user is standing. There is a great need for these pouches in the Peoria area...1000 a year! The Guild's goal is for everyone to sew 18 in 2018!

If you can’t attend our sewing days, please consider getting together with fellow sewists in your area and stitch up some of these pouches. They will be available in kits from each Neighborhood group leader. They are very much appreciated by the ladies who use them. The instructions for making them can be found on our website

Our next community sewing day, September 7 at North Branch Library, will benefit the Crittenton Center. We will be
working on bibs and cot sheets. If you have any flannel or cotton fabric you'd like to donate, please bring to the sewing day or let me or any other member of the CAB know. We also need Roc-Lon Blackout Lining Fabric for the back of bibs. This is available at Joann's in their home dec fabric.

Our summer retreat is scheduled for August 27-29 at the Chiara Center in Springfield. This is a new location for our retreat. I look forward to seeing everyone there. It's a great time to finish those UFO's or start something new. It's also a great time to get to know your fellow American Sewing Guild Members. It's nice to be able to get away for a couple days and do nothing but sew. No cooking, cleaning...just sewing, talking, laughing and having a good time. Mark your calendars and join us for a stitching good time!

​Kim Caywood, Community Liaison

​​Writing minutes was something I only did because I knew it needed to be done and frankly, I was often so involved in the conversations that I struggled to take good notes for the minutes. At our most recent CAB meeting in April the appropriate motion was made and approved. The “switch” is now official.

I am tickled to say that I am now your new Neighborhood Group Coordinator! So much fun. I am looking forward to attending each of the neighborhood groups over the next few months and getting to know all of you better. 
I will also be learning this role and how I can be of the most help to you.

Please contact me with your ideas and suggestions.

My contact info is [email protected] and

Charlotte Cronin, Neighborhood Group Coordinator