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​Wow! Another year has flown by and we were busy sewers this year. During our two Charity Sewing Days we were able to donate more than 100 anti ouch pouches and 70 bibs to the Crittenton Center.  I am hoping next year we'll be able to donate even more. 
​​Mark your calendars!!

As usual our ASG 2019 calendar includes our June Luncheon, the Springfield Sewing Retreat in August, Sew Special in October, and the Annual Meeting in November.

We'll be repeating the April Stash Sale that
​​Our Charity Sewing Days next year are scheduled for Friday, April 19 and Friday, September 13 at the North Branch Library in Peoria from 10:30am to 3pm. If you have a stash of fabrics (and who doesn’t!!) you can find the patterns for the anti ouch pouches, bibs and cot sheets on the guild website ( and get together with fellow sewers/guild members and have your own charity sewing day.

In August this year nine members attended the Annual Sewing Retreat at the Chiara Center in Springfield. This is a great time to have uninterrupted sewing time with like minded sewers who perhaps have a solution to an issue you have with a project. Our retreat for next year is scheduled for August 26-28 at the Chiara Center. Join us for a sewing good time!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

​Kim Caywood, Community Liaison

was new last year and so much fun. Be sure to start thinking about your stash and what you'd like to see disappear!​​

2019 will include four One-Day Sewing Retreats at United Presbyterian Church. All are on Saturdays and the first
one is January 5th from 8:00 until 4:00.

Can you join us? ​ Let me know at [email protected]

Charlotte Cronin, Neighborhood Group Coordinator