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​​President: Cyndy Monier

1st Vice President: Charlotte Cronin

2nd Vice President: Vicki Ghidina

Secretary: Martha Gamble

Treasurer: Suzy Baker-Bachman


Community Liaison: Kim Caywood

Membership: Carol Luginbuhl

Neighborhood Groups: Charlotte Cronin

Newsletter Editor: Sue Barnabee

Sew Special Coordinator: Vicki Ghidina

Webmaster: Pat West

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Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) meetings are held at 1:00 pm at the Hardee's on North Knoxville in Peoria.  Members are welcome to attend.
One of my all time favorite gifts ever is a beading book that my mother gave me entitled Off The Beadin’ Path by Nancy Eha. I put the book on my Christmas wish list not knowing anything about the text. Figuring the book would give direction regarding beading techniques, I never expected to find a guide to help me discover and take off on a creative journey. My brain was jolted into another place as if I had expected that brownie to be chocolate when in fact the first bite revealed carob.

The lessons in the book were written for beaders, but I found the words applied to any craft really. The first assignment was for the reader to keep a journal of the creative
journey. The author instructs to read only one chapter a week and do the suggested homework. Now this was not at all what
I expected, but the more I read, I decided to follow instructions for once in my life. So far I have done well keeping my journal, but the new year is young.

The first trail of the creative journey discussed the concept that we are all more creative than we let ourselves believe. So true. After I worked on my homework, I did
discover that I need to take more time to enjoy and play with my sewing materials.

Then, the author delves into calming the inner critic. Many sewers are their own worst critic, including moi. Negative self talk really can zap creative energy. Sometimes,
in ways not even realized. The homework here was to write down self criticisms when they popped up in one column and write a counter response to anything your nasty inner critic says. This exercise was an eye opener.

The next chapter makes it clear that you should never be afraid to ask a stupid question. I laughed out loud as I read that if one continually asks stupid questions, one will gain an endless supply of new information. Pair this new information with what you already know, and you have the
tools to unlock endless creative combinations. Bazinga, don’t you think. Still no beading techniques. But, I am on my
creative journey. This draws the rolled eyeball phenomenon from my husband when he asks what I am doing.

The book continues on reminding the reader to have courage and just go for it. After all, what is the worst that can happen if we cut into that too cool fabric?

We learn something? We have fun and sew up something fabulous? We need to be brave and free, associate ideas, sewing materials and techniques. Think of the possibilities, especially with the inner critic behind bars. I challenge you to gather your materials, listen to your intuition and take off on your own unique creative journey.

By the way, beading instructions began in chapter seven.

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