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About the Anti-Ouch Pouch

Make 18 in '18

Anti-Ouch Pouch Pattern
Anti-Ouch Pouches (AOPs) were designed by our chapter member Deon Maas. This underarm hanging pillow is intended to add a little comfort to people’s lives during a stressful, painful time. The pillow hangs from the shoulder,
fitting snugly under the arm to cushion and ease the pressure of the underarm and breast area after breast surgery, upper body surgeries or during radiation treatment.

Tens of thousands of anti-ouch pouches have been lovingly sewn and donated to breast centers across the United States. The American Sewing Guild featured the Anti-Ouch Pouch as the 2008 National Community Service Project. Read more at

This will continue to be an ongoing project for our chapter. We take them to the OSF Susan G Komen Center, Methodist Diagnostic Center in Peoria and OSF in Galesburg. The digital mammography is catching so many more cases that our need has increased. We would appreciate help making AOPs.

Click the button at the top of this page for the pattern and instructional video.

If you have questions, contact:
Deon Maas at [email protected]
Sue Barnabee, [email protected]

Please consider donating soft fabric, stuffing or completed AOPs. We donate hundreds every few months in our area at OSF Komen Center and Methodist Diagnostic Center.
The need in our area for Anti-Ouch Pouch mastectomy pillows is increasing. Currently, the Central Illinois Chapter donates about 1000 pillows to local hospitals and individuals each year. Help replenish our stock by participating in the Make 18 in ’18! campaign during 2018. There are several ways to take part.

We have assembled bundles of eighteen pre-cut Anti-Ouch pillows, along with coordinating hook and loop tape. These will be available at sewing guild events. Sew them at any point during the year and bring them back, unstuffed, to a guild function. This means sewing only one or two pillows a month. How easy is that? There is no expense to you and the cutting is done for you!

Have your own fabric, but don’t have any hook and loop tape? Make up eighteen pillows, bring them to a guild event, unstuffed, and we will add the hook and loop tape.

Prefer sewing with other guild members? Come to one of our sewing days, enjoy the camaraderie, and make a few out of our fabric. Our first community sewing day is Friday, April 20 at the North Branch Library in Peoria.

Our goal is for 20 members to participate. This will be 360 pillows toward the needed 1000.

Click the button at the top of this page for the pattern and instructional video.

For more information, contact Deon Maas at [email protected] or 309-645-4911 or Sue Barnabee at [email protected] or 309-647-0111.