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​​President: Cyndy Monier
(309) 364-3831

1st Vice President: Charlotte Cronin
(309) 253-4276

2nd Vice President: Vicki Ghidina
(309) 353-7015
(309) 267-1045 -C

Secretary: Martha Gamble
(309) 689-1951
(309) 678-6259-C

Treasurer: Gisela Schuman

(309) 245-4884


Community Liaison: Kim Caywood
(309) 966-3288

(530) 701-4940-C

Membership: Carol Luginbuhl

(309) 868-3441

Neighborhood Groups: Charlotte Cronin
(309) 253-4276

Newsletter Editor: Sue Barnabee

(309) 647-0111
(309) 229-7999-C

Publicity: Karen Fyke

(309) 467-4525

Sew Special Coordinator: Vicki Ghidina
(309) 353-7015

Webmaster: Pat West

(309) 453-6682-C

Pattern for Growth is our theme for 2018. The CAB has guided our chapter to evaluate, organize, plan and update.  Now it is time to grow our membership via sewing excitement, learning, challenges and fun.  Whether you are a seasoned member, a new member or a prospective member....Pattern for Growth is for you!
Cyndy's Blog
Several weeks ago, I was pondering what fabrics in my collection would mesh with a new pattern I had purchased. Two vintage pieces jumped out as if to say ‘pick me, pick me’.

The perfectly coordinated duo would make a smashing pair of pants and tunic combo that I could wear to any dressy event. I flipped the pattern envelope to the back and discovered the tunic was cut on the bias. Not a huge issue for my expertise, or was it? Suddenly I was questioning my fabric selection and feeling insecure, and negative self talk was taking over. Oh man this is just nuts.

Garment Group meeting was in a couple days so I packed up my tentative project to seek the opinions of trusted sewing peers. Arriving at the meeting, I wasted no time corralling a friend to check out my stuff. I fell all over myself explaining my insecurities regarding my fabric selection and the issue of the tunic being cut on the bias.

My friend calmly asked me what I had to lose by giving it a go? The answer was absolutely nothing. After all, I had been curating this fabric for longer than I could remember and there was enough yardage to make something else if my first attempt was less than perfect.

Another friend reminded me that even if I didn’t get the fashion statement I was hoping for, the sewing project would not be a failure. She pointed out that the process and the learning are important experiences. And if I created something beautiful that looked better on the dress form than my figure, so what? She stated that no one ever questions the value or beauty of a painting that just hangs on the wall. Sewing is art and there should be no question that what I sew has beauty and value.

What inspiration, and the meeting hadn’t even started yet. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to be fearless when we sew and not let self-doubt stifle the creative process or keep us from tackling a sewing opportunity, or cutting into beautiful fabric.

My charge to you this quarter is to give yourself permission to try a new project, a new technique or work on an entry for a competition. Here’s where all the familiar cliches come in...You’ll never know unless you try. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Failure is not an option. Just do it! Now if you will excuse me, I have to heed my own words and retreat to my creative space to sew without fear. A bias cut tunic has just presented me a sewing opportunity to create a piece of art.



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Standing rules determine how the chapter will operate.  They were created by the Chapter Advisory Board and can be revised by majority approval of the board.  Contact the chapter president to clarify rules or to submit suggestions for changes.  
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