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Anyone Can Win is the ASG equal opportunity sewing event because anyone who enters has a chance to win, regardless of sewing expertise or experience. Anyone Can Win is open to ASG members. (Open to U.S. residents only.) If the entrant is not a Junior Member, the “18 and under” category needs an ASG sponsor. But it isn’t necessary for the sponsor to have been involved in sewing the entry. We just want you to encourage young people to enter. The sponsor’s name and ASG membership number must be included on the entry form.
Go to the Members Only section of . Click on the Contest 2018 banner, fill out the entry form, and follow the easy instructions to upload and label your photo (only one photo per garment, please). That’s it!

The deadline for entries is midnight EDT, July 1, 2018. Making more than one garment? Enter them all. The more garments you enter, the greater your chances of winning! Four winners will be chosen electronically at random—two “over 18” ASG members and two “18 and under” entrants. The first “over 18” member selected will receive a set of Clover with Nancy Zieman®Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors and Shears; PLUS the Clover three-piece ruler set; PLUS the Clover Wedge Iron.

The second member selected will receive an assortment of A&E Intressa premium polyester thread.

The two “18 and under” winners will receive gift cards from Nancy’s Notions —the first for $100 and the second for $50. Both young winners will also receive one-year ASG Junior Memberships.

Once the winners have been selected, an online gallery of all the submissions will be on the ASG web site—a virtual fashion show for your enjoyment!

ASG members can order the ASG design fabric from’

Enter ASG20 for a 20% discount on your fabric. The design, labeled winning design, can be printed in its original size or reduced to a smaller scale. In addition, you have 25 different fabrics and six color ways to choose from.

Once you have your fabric, create something featuring the winning design fabric. You can make a garment, craft, quilt, home décor piece, accessory or anything as long as it features the winning fabric design. There is no minimum yardage requirement. The only stipulation is that the fabric with the ASG logo MUST be easily visible—no linings, no interior pockets, etc.

You may also include any or all of the coordinating designs or use a different fabric altogether.

When you complete your design, simply submit your name, chapter name and a photo of your creation. Make sure the winning fabric design is prominently displayed.

Send to no later than May 31, 2018.

The chapter with the most entries relative to the size of the chapter will be the winner which will be announced at the ASG Conference 2018 in Las Vegas. The winning chapter will receive national recognition on the ASG website and in Notions magazine, be awarded a certificate and receive a free educational event the chapter will be able to schedule within 10 months.

Individuals will also be recognized for their efforts. The names of all who submit entries will be in a drawing held at the ASG
Conference 2018 in Las Vegas.