President's Message
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Many of you know that I am a bit of a gym bum. My house would
undoubtedly be cleaner if I wasn't at the gym or hoofing it down the
blacktop. With the help of a couple of workout friends. I
keep putting in sweat time for the health of it.

What does this have to do with sewing? I'm sure you know I am
going to tell you if you keep reading. Did you know that sewing is
good for our physical health and mental well being? Maybe the
best part is that expensive workout shoes, clothes and sweating is
entirely optional! Fantastic news for sure.

Sewing has been shown to lower blood pressure and slow the
pulse. I admit there are times when I am not sure this is always the
case, but science has been able to measure these positive
benefits and the benefits of lowering blood pressure has been
known for years. How great is this when someone in your family
tries to interrupt your sewing project? All you have to do is remind
the interrupter you are working on lowering your blood pressure.
The look you get will be priceless.

Sewing has also been shown to relieve depression and anxiety. In
today's crazy world, this is also great news. Mental health experts
have actually recorded measurable improvements in relieving
depression and anxiety in women who attend and participate in
sewing groups. The reasons could be a sense of accomplishment,
spending time with self, developing a hobby, socializing with
others, encouraging others or receiving encouragement from
others. These attributes describe ASG perfectly, aka
neighborhood groups.

Another health benefit is that sewing may delay or even help
prevent mental decline as we age. This perk should be enough for
all of us to sew every day with vigor and ,creative passion. Again,
the experts aren't quite sure why this is so, but who cares if sewing
gives our brain rest by focusing mindfully on one task at hand,
stimulates the brain with learning, creativity, problem solving, on
and on? Sewing is just plain fun.

Whether mending a garment, sewing on a button, hemming a pair
of pants or creating a sewing masterpiece, be mindful of the
unseen health benefits taking place. Since the fountain of youth is
as close as the next guild function, be sure to share this marvelous
health supplement with others. Invite that friend along to the next
NG meeting or sewing seminar. I encourage all of you to fire up
that sewing machine, serger or thread that needle, and sew for the
health of it!

Don’t forget the button challenge at Sew Special ’17!