President's Message
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Sewing is my outlet for adventure. In fact, awesome adventures
await any seamstress who looks at sewing as more than just
ordinary. Sewing and all things fiber related are specialized
survival skills necessary to enjoy a lifelong adventure, never
knowing where the path will lead. Take the hunt for example.

Hunting for the perfect fabric, trim or notion for a project is as
exacting as any big game hunt. My most recent safari took me to
Sarah’s Fabrics in Lawrence, Kansas. Entering the store and
seeing all the possibilities was so exciting. I pulled out the yardage
that needed a coordinate. This hunt was proving to be a challenge
so I enlisted the help of a couple of sewing friends. We circled the
bolts of fabric and a couple of close matches jumped out, but were
returned to the shelves as they were just not quite right.

Finally, there it was, the perfect shade of almost purple with
hints of colors reflected in the yardage I held in my hands. Off
to the cutting table and it was mine. A trophy worthy of my
sewing skills without the delay of locating a taxidermist.

Sometimes a sewing adventure awaits at an art gallery. I attended
an exhibit entitled And Still We Rise: Race, Culture, and Visual
Conversations & Narratives of the Soul. The artists used fabric as
a medium to create quilts and garments to express narratives of
nearly four centuries of African American history. The pieces
revealed the stories of activists, educators, poets and others
instrumental in significant moments in American history. This
adventure was totally awesome.

Sewing adventures take you to workshops and seminars where
one meets sewing/quilting celebrities and the brain learns
something new. My first learning adventure took me to Esther’s
Place in Big Rock, IL. Here a vibrant and energetic Natasha guided
me and three of my sewing friends on a journey through wool
felting and shibori dyeing techniques. It was an exhilarating

Later this summer, I met Aisha Lumumba at a
workshop teaching her method of building a collage quilt. Her
technique gives the fabric artist a place to use even the tiniest
scrap of a coveted fabric to make something beautiful. How
awesome is that?!

There are even great sewing adventures to be had right in your
own sewing room. These adventures may not be exotic, but they
are filled with problem solving, dangerous risk taking and skill
testing. My husband’s favorite work shirt was in front of me with a
collar stand so worn it could not withstand any more mending.
Collecting my sewing tools and finding the perfect scrap from my
stash, I started an appliqué process with the precision of a world
class surgeon. An hour later, the shirt was hanging in the closet,
and I was feeling a bit smug.

I challenge you to make every sewing task an adventure. I
encourage you to take a sewing safari and perfect the hunt, learn
a new skill or polish an old skill. Your life will be so awesome.