President's Message
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Do you have a fabric stash? Crazy question I know, at least for
many of us.

What if I reported that part of my year-long sewing space
organizational journey was to eliminate my fabric stash? There isn’
t anyone in our chapter, or my circle of close family and friends,
who would believe me. But, it is true. No more stash, only a
carefully curated textile collection.

Sewing time is precious and I decided to not waste another second
on fabric unworthy of my efforts. And, why should I work with fabric
in an unflattering color? The answer is I shouldn’t and I don’t any

My time spent with Nancy Nix Rice gave me color direction that I
am very pleased with. Her advice gave me momentum to purge the
undesirables from my stash and slowly my collection began to

I had to decide what to do with great fabric that didn’t make the
cut. To start, my daughter-in-law suggested I use a beloved piece
of kiwi green linen for napkins. The idea never crossed my mind
and I was able to make hemstitched napkins for both of us. I had to
think outside the box. Oh no. I had to think!

My next step was to let my young granddaughters create outfit
collections from my cast off fabric. So much fun and also amazing
to watch them put together outfits at 5 and 8 years of age.

Some of my better fabric that was no longer for me went to fellow
sewing friends. Other fabric was delegated to muslin use. It is so
helpful to fit a new pattern or try out a design or new technique on
fabric of appropriate fiber content.

Several large boxes went to community service projects and the
final clean out went to a re-sale shop.

My textile collection is now inspiring and so enjoyable to have on
hand. I am actually sewing projects I love, no longer wasting
precious time being overwhelmed by too much stuff. Totally

My challenge to you for 2018 is to spend time curating your textile
collection. Make time to play with and utilize your textiles, sewing
tools and notions. Life is too short to let another minute pass
without cutting into that ‘perfect for you’ piece of fabric. Here’s to
an exhilarating New Year sewing up your textile collection.