Community Service Sewing Day
April 29, 2016
In 77 hours of volunteer time,16 focused workers assembled 922 Anti-Ouch Pouch kits! Everyone was busy
cutting, folding, measuring hook and loop tape, folding instructions and putting all the parts into plastic bags.  
The kits will be distributed at the ASG National Convention in Indianapolis in July.
Deon Maas, createor of the Anti-Ouch
Pouch, measures fabric for kits.
Margaret Wallace and Sherrill Tittle cut fabric and fold
paper instructions.
Members press, measure
and cut fabric.

Foreground: Sue Buchanan

Background from left:

Cyndy Monier
Pat West
Ann Doerzath
Gisela Schuman folds
instructions and Martha
Gamble measures/cuts hook
and loop tape.
Lynne LaHood measures and
cuts hook and look tape.

Shirley Lippert bags up the