Martha Gamble, Neighborhood Group Coordinator

This summer I went on a tour of the British Isles with my mom. The first gas stop the bus took,
I was surprised and delighted to see not one but two sewing magazines in the newsstand area
of the truck stop. Though I did not buy them, I determined that if the opportunity presented
itself again, I was buying them. That opportunity came a few days later, and I was thrilled to
come home with sewing magazines from another country!

As I was reading them at home, I found myself looking up what GBSB meant . . . Great British
Sewing Bee. Later, I had written that same title in some neighborhood group meeting notes.
With an emphasis on the program coming up on both sides of the Atlantic and an opportunity
to spend uninterrupted time online when the rest of my family was out of town, I started
watching the first season. Soon, I was taking breaks throughout the day to watch the next
portion of an episode. It has been humorous to learn some of the differences in what things
are called such as poppers for snaps or baby-grow for sleeper. And I love it when they talk
about a fabric or task being fiddly when it is difficult.

When the family returned, I was just finishing up a season so they began watching with me.
Even my husband found the process interesting. There are only a few programs left to watch
since it only lasted four seasons. The primary drawback I have now is to wait until my husband
comes home from work so we can watch another episode!
From the Neighborhood