I am thankful...

As we enter the holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for my
ability to sew. I am thankful for the opportunity sewing has provided me to make things
for others and for the pleasure that come from the creative process.

In the last few years, I am grateful because it has been a means of connecting with so
many wonderful guild members here in Illinois. The folks I have grown so fond of have
also been a source of encouragement and inspiration.

For example, I finally finished the jacket for my mom that I have been putting off for a
long, long time. I am eager to box it up and mail it to her for Christmas. I was ready to
forget the whole thing because I was frustrated with how to move forward on it at
several points. I took my questions to neighborhood group gatherings. I never failed to
have patient, kind advice and help that allowed me to take the next step.

And then, it will be on to New Year’s… and a chance to establish some new goals. I
think I will be resolving to develop some new techniques and skills and get more
sewing done. The company of fellow chapter members at neighborhood meetings is a
great place to get motivated for such goals. I cannot encourage you enough to take
advantage of the knowledge and willingness to share information and insights. If you
are interested in any particular subject, our neighborhood group leaders are always
looking for topics you are interested in learning about. I may be invaluable in bringing
some of those resolutions to fruition!

Martha Gamble, Neighborhood Group Coordinator
From the Neighborhood