So in the interest of full disclosure, I must share with you fellow members that I have had a
bad couple of months. I know many of you have shared about wadders over the years. They
are those projects that end up “wadded” up and thrown in the trash.

I have generally finished projects, even when I am unhappy with them. I have always figured
that someone might use the garment or at the very least, it was a good learning opportunity.
However, in the last few months, I have not had a significant success in several projects in a
row. For me, I put all the fabric and sewing machines away and closed the door for a break.

In the midst of this, though, I have continued to attend neighborhood meetings. What I am
finding is that seeing the fantastic items folks have made, learning about new, interesting
techniques, and hearing about the challenges and frustrations from others is slowly but surely
drawing me toward a desire to pull my fabric back out.

I may have avoided disappointment by not sewing, but I have also certainly missed the joy of
accomplishment and the delight of creativity. I am thinking what project I should pursue next. I
would be eager to hear how some of you have waded through these “wadders,” and come out
ready to move forward again.

Martha Gamble, Neighborhood Group Coordinator
From the Neighborhood