A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 9 - Fireplace Demo

Well sometimes I should leave well enough alone, but I just don't
seem to have the ability to do that.  I have wanted the old cold
air return to vanish about as much as the fireplace.  This project
was like making a pattern that says easy 2 hour jacket.  What
looked like an easy project turned into more work than I had
anticipated.  Things were going pretty
well until I knocked down some duct
work.  Someone is not going to be
thrilled when they get home.  Maybe
the duct work needs to be re-directed
anyway.  A happy accident.  At least
that is how I see it.   Amazingly it only
took another hour and a hacksaw to
get the cold air return out of my sewing
space.  More cleanup and I will be
ready for more cleaning tomorrow.