A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 7 - Fireplace Demo

The bricks, concrete blocks and mortar put up a fierce battle,
but I finally managed to destroy the fireplace.  My husband had
the honors of knocking out the last of the concrete blocks.  I
have to say that it was the longest day yet and most of the
cleanup will be for Day 8.  Besides the loader bucket is full and it
is dark outside.

There is a lot of dust to clean up.  Drop cloths cover just about
everything and still dust   Is everywhere.  Small price to pay for
what will hopefully be a very user friendly sewing space.   The
carpenter has been notified that the fireplace is gone.  I will
sleep well tonight.
TEKTON (hammer) and Spike (chisel)
take a much needed break.  
Cyndy might be napping after all of her
hard work or maybe just hauling another
load up the stairs!
At Right:
Results of Day 7