A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 5 - Fireplace Demo

Today was slow.  If you look at the day four photo, you might
notice it looks like the end of the fireplace is filled with debris.  
Well it was.  It was such a gross job scooping out what seemed
like an endless pile of broken bricks, wood scraps wire, metal
pieces, cigarette packages, twigs and items I couldn't identify.  
Actually a few creepy thoughts entered
my head, but luckily nothing but junk.  
The meeting with the carpenter went
well.  He was amazed at the bomb
bunker style construction of the
fireplace and praised my demolition
skills. (Probably relieved he wasn't
doing the demo.). Reviewing the plan
to make my sewing space more user
friendly was a nice end to a long day.