A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 29 - Sewing Room Renovation

I talked my husband into going to Menards to help me get the
materials for a peg board to hang my rulers and pattern drafting
tools.  Our cart was full of peg board supplies and then we spotted
a metal peg board for less than the materials in our cart.   This
metal peg board would not rust, mildew, crack or peel.  It was
complete, needed no paint and easy installation with screws
included.  It coordinates with the industrial look of my sewing
space.  The only negative was the width, less than what I originally
wanted.  I could get more than one.  Let me think.

Meanwhile, my husband was ready to check out, so I decided to try
one and see how it worked out.  Only two screws were needed to
put it up and presto a place to hang some of my tools.  I probably
spent 2 hours planning placement, but I do like the metal board and
it is nice to have my rulers up and out of the way, but easy to find.   
I discovered my piping ruler that I had forgot about, and found a fan
ruler that I have no idea what it was originally purchased to do.  

Now on to fabric organization.  I have most of my stash ready to fold
and put back on the shelves in a more orderly fashion.  My quilting
cottons are a work in progress and I am still not quite sure how to
store them.  I am trying out an Art Bin extra deep super satchel.  So
far, the red cottons are sorted and stored in the super satchel and
it looks neat and organized on the storage shelf.  The bins are
pricey and I need at least seven more.  Not decided on this yet.  
Managed to throw out three more cardboard boxes and a small pile
of fabric scraps.  My helpful husband said "ooooooh what
progress". He makes me laugh, most of the time!