A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 28 - Sewing Room Renovation

Well, the clipping carnage is over.  I have created somewhat
organized sense of all my clippings.  My personal notes from
classes, tv shows and seminars still need some work but at least
they are all in one place, and I am motivated to get them in more
usable form.

The biggest challenge was trying to organize the clippings.  I finally
divided into handbags, knits and t-shirts, serger projects, and
sewing techniques and inspirations.  I ended up with two handbag
notebooks, and two sewing techniques and inspirations notebooks.  
Included patterns in the handbag notebooks and that helped clean
up my pattern drawer.  The clippings about knits and t-shirts went in
the back of a knit sewing book I had.  I also had quite a stack of
clippings about making scarves and those also went into a scarf
book that I had forgot I had.  Several other misc clippings were
placed in appropriate books and that left my collection of sewing
techniques and inspiration to fill a couple large binders.

Not sure it is worth tearing up magazines and I may see about
tearing out the table of contents and putting those in a binder.  I did
that with some quilting magazines and it is handy and doesn't take
much time, effort or space.  It is then easy to locate the magazine in
a file box.  Regardless, the notebooks are a nice reference, they
look neat on the shelf and it cleaned up a huge stack of stuff that
has been accumulating for years. I have collected enough project
ideas for several lifetimes, so now I need to get busy and sew.

My next project is to create a pegboard to hang some of my most
used tools next to my cutting and drafting table.  I am getting close
and will keep you posted.