A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 27 - Sewing Room Renovation

I had to take a break from the clipping and note organizational
battle, and decided to finish up sorting my book collection.  This
has also been an ongoing saga as I started giving books away to
new homes last fall before the carpenter showed up.  I have a good
friend who has enjoyed a large number of my old quilt books.  I also
relied on fellow ASG members to take some of my old sewing books
and the rest of the discards went to the thrift store.  

Here is how I organized my titles.  First, all of the quilting books that
I use, but not as often as my sewing books, went to shelves in my
cold storage area.  They are accessible, located all in one place
and they don't take up space in my sewing room.  All of my hand
sewing and needle art books are neatly placed in my working
storage area right next to my embroidery threads.  My sewing
manuals are located on shelves right under my sewing machines.  
The sewing books I use most often are located in the bookcase,
which supports the end of my pressing surface.  The titles are
arranged basically by subject and I can easily locate the book
I want.  There is even a little empty space.  So much neater than
the crammed shelves of just a few months ago.  Success!