A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 26 - Sewing Room Renovation

Here is a pic of the clipping and note mess on my table.  It was a
battle, but after almost three days, I almost have it whipped.

Am I the only one with piles of clippings, old magazines and sewing
notes scribbled on bits of paper that seem to accumulate into
unorganized piles?  I suspect that I am not entirely alone.  I have
made attempts to organize magazines by filing them away in
magazine file boxes.  This keeps things neat, but eventually space
begins to run out as there is only so much shelving real estate to
be had.

Years ago, I was able to turn loose of my extensive McCalls
Quilting magazine collection and several other quilting
publications, and I survived.  The past couple of days, I managed
to get rid of more quilting magazines, other old publications that I
hadn't looked at in years and several large piles of old notes and
papers that no longer served a purpose.  But, I still cling to
Threads.  I have most of the issues since the magazine began all
filed neatly away.  And I rarely look at them, but somehow I just
cant part with them.  Gathering up several years of magazines on
my cutting table, I began to rip and save articles.  

This plan has created such a mess as I have to rip out just about
every article to save.  A sure sign of a personality disorder or
some undocumented affliction.  I have spent the good part of
three days sorting and organizing clippings and notes and finally
after several hundred page protectors have been put into binders,
the battle may be about over. But was it worth it and did I win?  
Time will tell.  If I don't utilize these saved clippings, maybe I will
finally start tossing stuff.  I discovered that the same articles are
revised and printed over and over by the publishers.  It was
amusing, and a bit frightening, to see that I have clipped and
saved, over the years, multiple articles on the same subject.  One
repeat was even by the same author with the same pictures.  At
least I am consistent.

One thing is for sure, soon there won't be any paper piles left in
my sewing room, and the notebooks will look organized on the
shelf.  And finally, when the time comes and my family dumps it all
in the dumpster, it will be a really neat pile!