A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 20 - Sewing Room Renovation

Three afternoons and the floor is finished.  Being able to piece
just about anything allowed me to even use the few leftover
tiles and scraps to cover a good part of the storage floor.  Ever
have things turn out better than expected?  The new floor is
one of those moments for me with this project.  I can't wait for
the carpenter/contractor to see our completed job.  Installing
the floor ourselves saved us a lot of $$$$ that

I used to have the ceiling and walls painted while I was away for
the holidays.  I know the carpenter worked so hard to get
colors that I wanted.  He took the picture I have of a shoe and
had the paint store match the colors, a white color for the walls
and a soft black for the ceiling.  Now that the floor is complete
and some of the furnishings back in place, I am newly
energized.  Not sure I have ever seen my cutting table without
nothing on it.  Looks really spaceous.