A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 13 -  Sewing Room Renovation

Much to the dismay of my husband, some of my sewing
paraphernalia has taken over our dinette.  I could no longer
work in my torn up space in the basement and with Christmas
projects to finish, well it was inevitable.  It has been a long time
since I had to use the kitchen table as a sewing surface.  
Actually kind of fun.  I have two sewing machines and a serger,
ironing board, my iron, and a sewing cart to hold a cutting mat
and whatever else I need.  It is amusing to think of how many
trips I have made to the basement to bring stuff upstairs.  I have
to laugh or I would go insane.
Another shot of my temporary space (below).  It is
really cold as one can see from the view out the
windows. (Windows providing the natural light that I
don't have in the basement).  Anyway, since it is one
of the coldest days of far this winter, guess that
makes it the perfect day for the sewing room flooring
to arrive.  Out in the snow and cold and wind we go
to get the loader to off load the flooring from the
semi.  It is nice to be set up for large trucks and such
at our farm.  My husband was so good to help get the
loader and tractor right to the back door.  It didn't
take too long for us to get the flooring carried down
the basement stairs.  Yea progress, almost.