A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 11 - Sewing Room Renovation

Finally the new insulation is put in place.  I am so glad to have
that job finished.  Now more cleanup and maybe I can start
sorting through more fabric and other sewing stuff. I have spent
so much effort cleaning out the sewing space that I have
decided to be very selective with what goes back in.  I am a little
hesitant to share a picture of some of the stuff I am sorting
through, but oh well, it is all part of the process.  The pic may
not do justice to the task at hand, but there is a lot of stuff to go
through and this is only a small part of my stuff.
My extra storage area is in good shape
started the demolition of the fireplace.  
When all is complete, I will take a picture
My extra storage area is in good shape
of my extra storage space which is now,
and that job was tackled before I
scheduled to have a new door installed.  
The problem is I can't even get to that
area because of other sewing furniture
and fixtures moved in front of the space.  
Sometimes, I think I am spinning my
wheels, albeit in a less dusty area!

(The DeWalt miter saw is being used as
a storage stand and is not part of my
sewing equipment.  However, it was a
Valentine's day gift from my husband a
number of years ago.)