A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 10 - Sewing Room Renovation

Today marks the beginning of another dirty job, removing old
insulation.  Mask, hat and gloves are my unfashionable
accessories of the day as I set to work pulling out the old
insulation.  It took me several hours and then the rest of the day
was spent with more clean up.  My re-modeled space should be
so clean when all is complete.

The carpenter stopped by with additional floor samples that are
not at all what I was expecting.  So I will have to make do with a
floor color that is way darker than I originally selected.  The
lighter color flooring turned out to be outrageously expensive; a
bit disappointing.  At least the name of the flooring color that will
eventually grace my floor is enticing--Rocky Road.  I'm thinking
ice cream sounds good about now.

No photo today...see tomorrow!