A Sewing Room
Chapter President
Cyndy Monier
Day 1 - Fireplace Demo

I have been working to organize my sewing space for so long I
really don't remember when I actually started to think I could
have an actual sewing studio like the ones seen in magazines
and Pinterest.  Well, my journey has taken quite a turn, and this
date I remember.  It has been exactly one year since I decided
the problem was my sewing area was not
user friendly.  A visit from a carpenter
confirmed my diagnosis and suddenly I
was on a mission to rearrange, declutter,
debunk and organize the basement in my
old house so I could finally have an
improved sewing space with better lights,
more outlets, and storage.

Days have been spent sorting and
moving items from my sewing area so the
carpenter can work his magic.  My last
hurdle was to tear out the ugly fireplace
that has served no purpose other than
taking up space.  This monster measures
9 ft long, 4 ft deep and almost 5 ft high.  
Can't wait to reclaim the floor space and
surely a weekend will do it.

Well day one was demoralizing.  Turns
out I was battling a solid brick and mortar
chunk that was unbelievably solid.  My
husband attempted to help and was the
first to succumb saying there was no way
it was coming out and  what was I thinking
anyway. He made it clear that I should
have never started this job in the first
place.  My dreams and plans had just
been hit with the sledge hammer.